Digital performance & Goal management system

Digital performance management system helps you to assess and analysis your employee performance in smart and innovative way.

This digital tool helps employee to set their goal and objective in predefine way and alignment that goal with regular task and project management system which help manage to assess performance directly based on regular activity and help organization to identify actual performance gap and area of improvement.

With the various kind of comparative and analytical reports, this system is can also work as decision support system for the management specially in the area of performance evaluation.


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360 Degree smart review & feedback

360-degree smart review & feedback

Complete your review in a few minutes with quick, simple and flexible system

  • One to one review with manager
  • Annual review and appraisal
  • Review from peer and subordinate
  • Flexible review cycle i.e. weekly, monthly quarterly, half yearly and yearly
  • Quick review with start-based review mechanism
  • Simple process for setting predefines KPI matrix
  • Comparative and analytical analysis of performance

Employee performance portfolio

Employee performance portfolio

A high-level analysis and consolidate report of performance

  • Analysis of review from manager
  • Analysis of review from peer
  • Analysis of review from client
  • Analysis of review from subordinate
  • Time period wise analysis and improvement area
  • Goal and project wise analysis reviews
  • Analysis area of strength and weakness

Goal management and progress

Goal management and progress

Alignment of goal with project, task and review can ensure real achievement.

  • Simple goal setting based on OKR
  • Predefine and customize goal and objective title
  • Alignment of goal with daily task and project
  • Goal wise analysis of review
  • Goal wise analysis of project and task
  • Linking of KPI with goal to identify actual performance gap
  • Comparison reports

Analytical and comparative reporting

Analytical and comparative reporting

High level reporting that support management in decision making.

  • Comparative reports with peers and other team
  • Analysis based on previous year
  • Time wise reports and comparison
  • Designation wise reports and comparison
  • Department wise reports and comparison
  • Analysis reports for management decision support
  • Customize reports as per business need

Frequently Asked Questions

?Can I set my review frequency according to my organization requirement?

Yes, Review frequency is flexible with Talentiro and even different team can also set different kind of frequency for review.

? Can I take review from my clients with whom I am working?

Yes, Talentiro review platform will allow employee to take review from internal sources as well as external sources.

? What is new in Talentiro in comparison to other PMS?

Talentiro platform will allow employee to take actual review of performance and will give different kind of reports as per the requirement, it is predefined system and help employee to take review on predefine KRA, KPI and parameter set by the organization.

?Should I need to fill long subjective form for review?

No, you do not need to fill traditional review form, it’s a modern tool which allow employee to complete one review within 1-2 min because review is based on start-based review form.

? What is different kind of reporting with Talentiro?

Talentiro allow you customize your reporting requirement, create your own performance reports, performance charts and schedule the same reports as per the requirement of individual and business.