Advance company

The advance company review feature helps the organization to take company reviews from the employee in a define customized format. Company review can also help the organization to use this as a grievance management platform within the organization in form of a review and survey.

The company review feature also enables an organization to take a review from the client for the employee as well organization after each project based on predefine parameter set by the organization.

The company can use the summary of the review for the organization branding and publish the real-time summary report on the website with Talentiro API.


Customize and predefine
format for review


Use review for organization


Review as grievance


Review from client
based on project


Recognition, appreciation and endorsement

Customize review and survey

Review about the company from an employee can help the organization to better grievance management.

  • Customize and flexible review and survey form.
  • Review in form of question and answer.
  • Review on define parameter by the organization.
  • Subjective and objective both the review.
  • Reporting based on department and team.
  • Identify the area of improvement for the organization.
  • Analytical and comparative reporting based on the review.

Review from client

Review from client

A client review helps organization with better client management and client satisfaction.

  • Review from client based on project or as per requirement.
  • Review in between and end of the project.
  • Review at the individual employee level and organization level.
  • Review based on the pre-define parameter set by the organization.
  • Quick and simple objective review.
  • Review from the client without client login or signup in the system.
  • Identification of the area of focus and improvement.

Review for organization branding

Review for organization branding

The first time, now your internal organization review can help in the organization branding.

  • Use a summary report of your internal review on your website with Talentiro API.
  • Summary of your client review within your organization.
  • Use summary of employee review with the detailed analysis report.
  • Reduce the impact of fake negative branding from the open-source platform of review.
  • Summary report of your organization’s performance in form of a review.
  • Real-time update as per review change.

Comparative and analytical reporting

Comparative & analytical reporting

Performance reporting based on business requirement.

  • Team level, Department level, and organizational level reporting.
  • Time-period wise reporting.
  • Parameter wise reporting.
  • Comparison report based on average.
  • Identification of the area of strength and area of improvement.
  • Analytical and customize reporting.