About Talentiro

Business need to be strengthened in professional front, internal culture and client relations both impacts the brand name in the industry. Talentiro comes with solutional to the actual hidden problem in most business – “The Continuous performance evaluation”, Business must have command over the performance to deliver excellence. Delivering excellence is bringing more business, here professionalism and Performance are interlinked and become the key success factor, which is to be evaluated thoroughly.

360-degree review system, covering overall reviews on performance of each employee, companies can evaluate sectors where improvement is needed. Talentiro provides a platform for ease of reviewing by predefined OKR based review system. Not just review but a business needs an overall Talent management system, where profile of each employee is created to keep records of his achievements and performance throughout their professional career and can be carry forward one company to other, bring transparency in hiring.

Many more Add-on features to convert your business system into perfect professional system, like Project manager, Task manager, employee database management, Social partner for official communication and other customized features, as needed in your business model, the virtual corporate training portal for learning from practical exposure of domain expert are in planning.

Our Vision

Enabling businesses to grow into collaborative and performance-centric organizations through a centralized real-time performance review platform, creating virtual references for performance of associates and organizations.

Generate a virtual reference to the performance profiles, Prepared with universal parameters.

Self managed performance profile is an essence of PMS rather then taking just idle review , A reference to the performance profile gives an insight to their performance, helps to find the scope of improvement and opportunities.

Our Mission

Talentiro’s mission is to be ‘The Partner’ in the industry’s transition to Real-time Performance Management and Employee Feedback Solutions. We Strive To:

  • Align the growth trajectory of organizations and their associates.

  • Connect employee performance to Organization and Individual branding.

  • To cast in stone universally, the culture of mutual feedback and skill enhancement, in the Corporate Sector.

  • Create a digital performance footprint for individuals.